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eBay Finds: What we'd buy this week for $15,000

This is what happens when we find ourselves with a few minutes to kill

We scoured eBay for cool cars that you can buy this week for less than $15,000. We found a few classics, an off-roader or two, and a pair of German sports cars.

Top 10 most expensive cars sold at auction in 2015

Ferrari Still Most Desirable Brand For Collectors

An amazing array of classics went up for auction in 2015, including these ten examples that each sold for over $10 million, highlighted by Fangio's Ferrari.

Auction Action, Sin City Edition: Barrett-Jackson may hold auction in Las Vegas

Back in May we reported that Barrett Jackson was considering a move to Las Vegas after the Scottsdale city council refused to sell Craig Jackson the land he needed to build a permanent facility for his auction house. Nothing had been solidified after several meetings with Las Vegas Mayor Oscar B. Goodman, but Jackson claimed to have a very positive response from Sin City officials. Now it seems that an auctio

You want how much for that Rambler and Corvair and Galaxie and ... ?

Yesterday, while driving around Lansing, Michigan, I came across a parking lot full of cars. This certainly isn't unusual, but these were not a collection of vehicles you'd see in front of your local post office or grocery store. No, these were (mostly) cars from the past: a 1960 AMC Rambler, a 1976 Datsun '62 Ferrari Replica, a 1963 Chevrolet Corvair MNZ 900, and more, all gathered together in one spot. The scene reminded me just how cool cars can look (remember, I mostly focus on the greener s