Inflatable roof rack leaves aerodynaics unchanged when not in use

One thing that all of the high mileage vehicles and concepts share is a focus on aerodynamics. The entire shape of the EV1, Prius and Insight were penned specifically to improve fuel efficiency through aerodynamics. Vehicles such as the hybrid Civic and even the hybrid SUVs from GM have features such as flat wheels or lowered front valences are air dams to improve aerodynamics. What does this mean to you and me? That vehicle aerodynamics are important, especially on one designed for efficiency, and should be left alone whenever possible.
So, you've just bought a shiny new Prius and you need some extra storage space once every few months... what to do? No worries! Just inflate your roof rack and you're good to go! Interested parties should check this website out. One note: If you're vehicle has curtain airbags, you'll have a problem with the installation. It's good that people are thinking of things like these!

[Source: HandiRack via Gizmag]

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