2007 Goodwood Festival of Green?

While slogging through the mud at Goodwood the other day, we came across a display building that looked like it might offer some interesting vehicles to peruse (as well as a dry place to stop and rest for a bit). It was called FoS-TECH, and inside we found some of the best show cars from the last few of years. The Toyota FT-HS, Peugeot's 908RC, H2O, and Quark, the Saab Aero X, the Nissan Pivo, the Tesla Roadster, the Citroen C-Airplay, Mazda's Hakaze, and the BMW Hydrogen 7 were placed throughout the hall. And unlike most motor shows, you could actually get up close and personal with them if you wanted to.

It didn't even dawn on us until later, but what we had stepped into was actually a green car exhibit. Our brothers over at AB Green actually did a whole writeup of these cars and a few others that were also there. Besides the displayed cars, we were pretty impressed by the E85-fueled Concept Climax that ran up the hill with the supercars. But our favorite was probably the BMW hydrogen-powered, side-by-side ItalDesign Guigiaro Vadho -- cockpit on the left, engine on the right. Very nice. You can get all of the details about these cars by clicking here. You can also see high-res images of them by clicking any pic you see in the attached gallery.

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