Replica mutt: Nissan 280Z-based Ferrari 250 GTO, with a BMW V12

When you read about gearhead guys -- like the kind who put two engines in an Integra -- it's like, "What else is new?" But when you read about gearhead gals, especially the kind who have created the car you see above, it's like, "Uh ... call me."

Michelle bought a 1977 280Z on eBay that had been turned into a Ferrari 250 GTO replica with an Alpha1 kit. She and her best friend Haley then turned it into a replica unlike any other. They changed every single body panel, made a lot of the cosmetic parts functional like the vents in the rear and the trap door on the nose, and fashioned completely new parts like the rear trunk. Deeper fabrication efforts include stretching the wheelbase, moving the firewall back, and making the car RHD so it's not like other American replicas. Then, not happy with the 5-speed V6, they grabbed a V12 lump from a BMW 850 CSI, made it dry sump and installed manual Dellorto throttles, then put it in the engine bay they revised for better balance and a lower center of gravity. They've done a lot more as well -- click the "Read" link to check out all the details and pics. If you want to know the way to an Autoblogger's heart, this is a great start.

[Source: Carscoop]

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