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It's a madder world: Mid-engine RWD Integra GSR

There once was a man named Dave who had a '91 NSX and loved it. The problem was it cost too much to maintain, and he was petrified of the car receiving the slightest nick. When the money and the angst got too much, after 1,800 miles, he got rid of it. The car he replaced it with is far, far more interesting: a mid-engined RWD mash-up of a 97 Prelude VTEC and 94 Integra GSR.

His only goal was to build a car that rode and handled well with decent performance. Call it an NSX that wouldn't slaughter the piggy bank and that can be parked in a mall lot without its owner breaking into a sweat. After two months of R&D, the Frankenstein began. Dave doesn't give exact numbers but does indicate a budget of $10K, a total weight of 2,700 lbs, and 45/55 weight distribution.

Check out the link for finished pictures, and you can read the entire conversion story with pics written by Dave himself here.

[Source: Team Integra]

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