PR event breached: MINI Clubmans caught on camera

In the timeline of most new car introductions, automotive journalists usually see a new model undisguised well before the public. It's a nice perk. But an even earlier look is often given to a company's public relations staff. Which is what Mini was doing with its Clubman model in Zandvoort, Netherlands. And guess who showed up uninvited? A camera-wielding automotive journalist, that's who.
Chris Schotanus got a sneak peek into Mini's Zandvoort PR party and got the best shots yet of the Clubman in the wild. Many of the photos at World Car Fans are obviously shot from either a hilltop or building overlooking the racetrack where a fleet of Clubmans are out and about, but Schotanus was able to get some good closeup shots of the cars as well. Strangely, the cars are completely undisguised except for the rear, which is covered in the typical black camo. Despite the coverup, the double-doored hatch is obvious, so we wonder what Mini is still keeping secret.

Some of the extended Minis could be Clubman S models indicated by the cars' nose scoop above the grille, but the only rear shots available from the event show only single exhausts. That could mean either the S won't have two outlets, or the photographer only caught non-S models from the rear.

All questions should be answered at it's official launch in July. Its public debut is planned for the Frankfurt show in September.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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