Autoblog takes on Gratiot: Cars don't have to be old to be cruise-worthy

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As big as the muscle car market has become, not everybody wants to spend their weekends working on a vehicle that gets 8 mpg while still reaching 60mph slower than a V6 Accord. For some, their everyday transportation has become their passion. Other vehicles, like the 80's Monte Carlo or Buick Grand National, are collectible because they act as newer versions of the muscle cars of the 60s and 70s, but with smaller price tags.

While Gratiot avenue still reserved most of its space for vehicles that are older than I am, plenty of newer classics had their day in the (hot) sun as well. Our favorite was the Ferrari 328 GTS Fiero dressed up in its best Italian suit, and was on sale for "only" $13,000. There were three or four Prowlers, a few souped-up PT Cruisers, plenty of Corvettes, and a couple of Vipers as well. There was even a Dodge Nitro that someone dropped at least $15,000 on. Take a look at the high-res image gallery of our 80's-and-up shots from the Gratiot Cruise.

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