John Edwards calls for Justice Department to investigate gas price gouging

Former Senator and now presidential candidate again John Edwards is trying to make some political hay out of the current high price of gasoline. Edwards dropped by Silicon Valley on Thursday and took aim at the consolidation in the oil industry in the past decade. He laid the blame for high gas prices on companies like ExxonMobil that have merged pretty much without restriction from the anti-trust division of the justice department.
By virtue of their vertical integration that includes oil extraction, refining and distribution they are able to artificially manipulate supplies by taking refineries off-line for maintenance at high demand times. Edwards wants the Justice Department to investigate whether oil companies are breaking any laws but the chances of anything happening are slim while they are busy pushing for long prison sentences for people sharing songs on the internet.

Edwards also outlined his environmental plans including 40mpg requirements by 2016, eighty percent CO2 reduction by 2050 and a requirement for all vehicles to be flex fuel capable by 2010.

[Source: Associated Press]

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