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Ford issues TSB for 6.4L Power Stroke engine

Blue Oval News
is reporting that Ford Motor Company has told its dealers to hold on to certain 2008 F-Series pickups. The affected trucks include the F250, F350, F450 or F550 models with the new 6.4L PowerStroke diesel engines. These certain engines were built between April 3 and May 21, 2007 and may have faulty fuel injectors in cylinders 1, 5 and 7 that need to be replaced with new units. Mike Levine at asked Ford spokesperson Wes Sherwood about the issue, who said the injectors were accidentally damaged during testing at the supplier's facilities. As such, misfires can occur that will cause the vehicle to run rough or hesitate under acceleration.

For what sounds like a small case of human error, 3,000 engines will need to be repaired because of this issue. Most have already been fixed at the factory or are being taken care of while still in dealer inventory. Ford thinks about 250 of these engines have already been delivered, however, prompting the TSB. Sherwood says it will take a few hours to replace the faulty units with readily available new ones. The Special Service Instruction number is: R07T07.

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