Detroit buys wheel locks for Chrysler owners

You know crime is bad when your city wants to give you a free anti-theft device. That's what Detroit is doing for some Chrysler drivers.

Detroit PD says many older Chrysler vehicles, particularly the ones without the Sentry Key system, are so easy to steal, young teens are taking them with nothing more than a screwdriver and a brick. A video found in one stolen Chrysler shows a teenager bragging that he had stolen the car in 8 seconds. DPD says the kids are taking the cars, driving them until their tanks are dry, then finding another.

But after one stolen Jeep, driven by a 13-year-old boy, rammed into a car and killed a woman and her baby during a police chase, the city decided a new strategy was needed. The city is offering residents and workers in Detroit's Eastern District wheel locks for their non-Sentry Key Chryslers in an effort to stop the thefts. Part of the project is funded by State Farm Insurance. The police department is also offering free glass etching to all drivers citywide.

You can watch the report by Fox 2 News in Detroit here.

[Source: Fox 2 News via TopSpeed]

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