IKEA UK shifts fleet to Civic hybrids

IKEA UK, like so many other companies, has a policy in place to reduce CO2 emissions and be an all around greener company. One way they're doing this is shifting to a fleet with nothing but hybrids, and the lucky car company to get all those orders is Honda. Specifically, IKEA UK will use only Civic hybrids for its fleet vehicles. Fifty are on the way this year, and more in 2008. I'm not sure which cars will get the boot to make room for the Civics.

John Kingston, Environment Manager at Honda (UK) said in a statement that, "Civic Hybrid is really taking off in the corporate sector where businesses want to be seen to be green. IKEA's commitment to replace its entire fleet with Civic Hybrids is a real-life endorsement of the car and the excellent benefits it offers. In terms of cost, fuel efficiency and low emission driving the Civic Hybrid really stacks up."

[Source: Honda, also tipped by Linton and Hugg]

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