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"This is not the Ford you're looking for."

Then again, if your level of Star Wars geekdom has reached its apex, maybe it is. Weather-beaten from exposure to too many Tatooine sandstorms, perhaps, this Econoline's custom finish is still plainly visible to all. You might not think it looks like much, but they said that about the Millenium Falcon, too.

This boxy freighter's port side is decorated with likenesses (well, they're more like approximations, really) of the aged Obi-Wan, Luke Skywalker, Threepio, and Artoo. Back towards the rear bumper, we see two members of the Mos Eisley Cantina's house band, Figrin Dan and the Modal Nodes. Unfortunately, they look more like Roswell aliens than anything else. Over to starboard, Vader looms ominously (sort of) over a battle scene showing a pair of X-Wings and a TIE Fighter with (incorrect) square solar panels. The rear hatch is decorated with Han and Chewie off to the right, the rest of the cantina band to the left, and really bad renderings of one of the other cantina creatures and what appears to be Luke with darker hair. The "Force" windows are a nice touch, as is the Rebel Alliance symbol displayed in back.

It's parked outside a Home Depot (Tosche Station must have been closed), where the owner was undoubtedly shopping for a new set of hydrospanners with which to repair the perpetually-broken hyperdrive. Maybe if he'd stop taking the thing to Lando's Garage for repairs, he'd have better luck.

Thanks to Scott for the tip and photos!

UPDATE: A commenter states that the owner of the van is -- drumroll -- a girl! And that the ride's a '78. The mural dates back to '79.

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