Ford and Navistar just can't seem to play nice... another lawsuit looms

Hot on the heels of good news for Ford, that of the Super Duty's sales successes, is bad news: Navistar sues Ford again for breach of contract. According to the lawsuit, Ford is planning to introduce a new 4.4 liter diesel engine for their popular F-150 truck - which is a big deal in and of itself - and the engine was designed by International, which is the operating company for Navistar. The engine would be available in 2009 or 2010, according to the suit, and would be a breach of contract if the engine were not provided by Navistar.

Of course, you remember that Ford and Navistar have already gone down this path with the larger 6.4 liter diesel engine that sits inside the engine bays of those hot-selling Super Duty pickup trucks that we mentioned earlier. That one got ugly until a Judge ordered Ford and Navistar to play nice until a resolution is found. Might this one get ugly before the product is even on the market? I imagine that with so many Ford trucks being sold that Navistar stands to lose a great deal of income if Ford stops using them as their engine supplier, so this is surely to be of utmost importance to them. We just hope that the consumer is not the one who ultimately loses out in the deal.


[Source: Automotive News (sub. required)]

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