News from The Herald: "Motorsport should be banned"

In a column for Scotland's The Herald newspaper, James Porteous throws down from the first two paragraphs: "There is a sport more dangerous than any other, that kills far more people than boxing and yet there are no calls for it to be banned. Not rugby. Not equestrianism. Not even Ultimate Fighting. No, it's time to ban motorsport: not to save the drivers, who are probably at less risk of injury than footballers, but the rest of us."

In what some will see as a call-to-arms and others as a hateful screed by someone who apparently doesn't dig the sight of fast cars going fast, Porteous calls auto racing "the most wasteful, harmful, pointless leisure pursuit on the planet." The article is full of end-of-the-world hooks: "a couple of degrees more global warming will trigger a catastrophe," "we need to cut carbon emissions by 90% in the next 20 years," "biodiesel creates more problems than it solves," and so on. It is, though, light on the scientifics -- not that he doesn't have facts to back up his claims, but he should tell everyone where he got them. F1 takes the brunt of punishment because there is more data available on F1, supposedly. Ironic that Porteous' column comes just as F1 announces a hybrid transmission for the monococques. But that's "general waffle" according to Porteous, and anyone who doesn't agree with the assessment is either "George Bush or another Halliburton henchman." Mental note: don't discuss auto racing in Scotland.

In the fourth paragraph, however, Porteous writes "Cars that do 3.5 miles to the gallon are not unacceptable." Apparently, speaking on a soap box and typing at the same time leads to typos.

[Source: The Herald via Daily F1]

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