"Micro Hybrid" Smart in the U.S. with engine stop/start?

Parallel hybrid; serial hybrid; full hybrid; two mode hybrid; mild hybrid and now... micro hybrid. Yes, one more competing technology has entered the fray, with its very own nomenclature. The technology behind the stop/start system that is apparently being readied for the Smart FourTwo is nothing new to our readers. The start/stop Smart will have a 1.0-liter engine with 71 hp and a 5-speed sequential gearbox. Hybrids have the capability of turning off the internal combustion engine when it's not needed, and BMW has implemented a similar scheme for their non-hybrid models.

All of these competing technologies beg the question: what exactly is a hybrid? Perhaps I'm being too picky, but to me, a hybrid is not a hybrid unless it is capable of moving itself using either power source, be it electric, gasoline ICE, diesel ICE or hydraulic. But, anything that helps raise the fuel economy of any given vehicle is a good thing, even if they do call it a "micro hybrid". I wish we could get a diesel Smart over here, though.

[Source: Motor Authority via Autoblog]

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