BMW Hydrogen 7 on the streets in the UK

As part of a needed and well-orchestrated publicity move, the BMW Hydrogen 7-series is going to take part in the Revolve Brighton to London rally today. This rally is specifically for low- to zero-emissions vehicles. The event immediately follows the Hydrogen 7's launch at the PGA Championship in Wentworth, U.K. and will demonstrate that it is indeed a functional production hydrogen vehicle.

The rally will begin on Madeira Drive in Brighton, and end at Trafalgar Square in London, and three of the new cars will take part. This event will spread awareness that zero-emissions vehicles are not just right around the corner, but here, now. BMW gets its name up at the forefront of this news, and they deserve it. The cars will be paraded before the eyes of the Prince of Wales, the Deputy Mayor of London, as well as many other high officials. The approval of these politicians and leaders will have a significant bearing on the progress of the technology and its infrastructure. So I guess BMW's biggest luxury sedan is the right vehicle for the job of impressing these guys.

[Source: BMW]

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