Mazda's new Spiano lineup of micro-minis on sale in Japan

No, you can't put it in your pocket.

The revised "micro-mini" Spiano line-up from Mazda is now on sale in Japan, and boy do these things scream Japan = cuteness. Look at those tiny headlights, the itty-bitty wheels, and - oh - a little antenna poking out the top. Wow.

I lived in Japan for two+ years and I drove some small cars while I was there (the Daihatsu Leeza, for example), so I can appreciate the style from a been-there perspective. In fact, I'd be unafraid to test one of these Spianos (actually a version of the Suzuki Lapin) out, even though these are aimed at female buyers. Mazda is estimating it'll only sell 300 of these a year month. I can't for the life of me find MPG numbers for this little car, but I'm curious to know. Anyone out there able to find the goods?

[Source: Mazda]

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