Spy Shots: Next-gen Chevy Lacetti

Lehmann has captured a camoflaged Chevy running around the Nurburgring that we'll likely see in the States as the Suzuki Forenza. The Lacetti is sold around the world under varied monikers -- it's the Forenza here, in the UK it's the Chevy Lacetti, and China gets it as a Buick. They all started off as the smartly styled Daewoo Nubira. The styling doesn't appear to be a huge departure from the incumbent's Pininfarina lines. The "shoulder" line at the top of the doors is more defined and dips further, and the grille and headlights are new, of course. Looking through the camo, it appears that there's a more pronounced shape to the hood, but we notice a little weirdness where all the lines meet at the base of the A-pillar. Once the wraps come off, we're sure it'll all make sense, and the new Lacetti will carry handsome and inoffensive lines, just like the outgoing design.
[Source: World Car Fans]

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