Motosketches' auto-inspired two-wheeled designs

I ran across this posting over at Motorcycle News and thought I would share my findings with the rest of the class. A man by the name of Oberdan Bezzi has his own blog where he sketches his two-wheeled fantasies and posts them for all to see. That takes some guts, unless, of course, you are extremely talented, which we think Oberdan qualifies as. As we are a site that obsessively covers the automotive industry first and foremost, we think you should take a look at his ideas on the types of bikes companies such as Audi, Mercedes Benz and Bugatti could produce. BMW already produces motorcycles, but he tackles the Bavarian automaker anyway. Now that you have started off with those, feel free to take a look at some of his other designs and notice how he integrates well known styling cues from major manufacturers into his designs. Very good work indeed!

[Source: Motosketches via Motorcycle News]

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