Renault to offer Dacia Logans converted to LPG for free in Italy

LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) cars are considered to be less polluting than gasoline counterparts. In countries like France, the UK or Italy, it's even less taxed than gasoline or diesel. In some other countries, like Spain, it's only available for professional drivers.

Dacia, the Romanian subsidiary of Renault, is offering a great offer for Italian customers. Not only they will be able to buy a 1.4 liter 75 HP car for less than 8,000 EUR but they will include the LPG conversion for free. This is possible because the Italian government helps motorists with 695 EUR to convert engines from gasoline to LPG and that's the price Dacia Italy asks for the conversion which is be covered by the standard 2-year warranty. All Dacia Logans sold in the EU reach the Euro 4 emission levels with the help of sequential multiport injection.

The standard-engine has an unimpressive mileage 26 MPG (US) and 166 g of CO2/km (24 and 170 for the optional 1.6 liter).The Dacia Logan can also be purchased with a sturdy 1.5 dCi 70 HP diesel car good for 40 MPG and 125 g of CO2/km, albeit without particulate filter.

The Dacia Logan is a no-frills sedan which was once thought for emerging markets but they can't cope with the demand in western Europe for cheap cars.


[Source: Dacia Italia via Yahoo Autos Italia]

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