Revised MINI lineup boasts economy, emissions gains

MINI Cooper D. Click image for photo gallery.

Later this year, MINI will update its European/UK range, and the effect will be visible both at the pump and in the air. For example, the already-stingy MINI Cooper D will see its combined-cycle fuel economy leap from 64.2 mpg to 72.4 mpg. Those measurements use the larger Imperial gallon. Translated to the US system, the jump is from 53.4 mpg to 60.2 mpg. Very, very impressive. On top of that, the D's CO² emissions number plummets from 118g/km to 104.

And what of the sportiest MINI? The Cooper S (I'm going to use US mpg here now) improves from 34 mpg combined to 37.9. No matter which MINI you select, it will get better gas mileage and emit less carbon dioxide. The automaker accomplishes this by incorporating brake regeneration, an automatic stop/start feature in manual transmission-equipped cars (this can be disabled by the driver), and by adding a shift indicator that tells drivers which gear they should select for maximum efficiency. MINI UK's press release is pasted after the jump, and it shows the before and after numbers for each car in the lineup. We recommend using TDIClub's handy conversion tool to do the Imperial-to-US mpg translations.

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72.4mpg. 104 g/km CO 2. No batteries required.

MINI hatches plan to clean up with revised engine range

MINI hatch models are to receive technological revisions later this year, resulting in jaw-dropping performance and efficiency figures. Already BMW Group's cleanest ever car, the MINI Cooper D will be capable of returning an astonishing 72.4mpg, with CO 2 emissions of just 104 g/km.

When production of the revised models begins in August 2007, there will be no requirement for alternative fuel sources or hybrid technology to achieve these stunning stats. All model variants will instead be supplied as standard with high-tech engine tweaks, providing exceptional economy and minimal emissions without compromising the MINI driving experience.

Efficiency improvements are consistent across the revised MINI hatch range.

Brake Energy Regeneration, Auto Start-Stop Function and Switch Point Display complete a package that will come at no extra cost to future MINI customers.

Brake Energy Regeneration works by using an Intelligent Alternator Control (IAC) and an Absorbent Glass Mat battery to recycle previously lost energy, which saves fuel. The IAC reduces drag on the engine by only engaging when required to charge the battery, whereas a traditional alternator is always pulling power from the engine. Additionally, the energy generated by the engine on over-run (under braking or descending a hill) was previously wasted. Now this lost energy is utilised by the IAC to charge the battery.

The Auto Start-Stop Function, available with manual transmission cars,automatically switches the engine off when the vehicle is stationary and the driver puts the car into neutral. To restart the driver only need engage the clutch again before pulling away in the normal manner. The system may be de-activated at the touch of a button when not required.

Switch Point Display aids drivers of manual transmission MINIs in selecting the most economical gear in which to drive. The engine management system analyses speed, road situation and accelerator pedal position and based on this data calculates optimum gearing. The ideal gear is then displayed by number in the cockpit display.

Even without these technology advancements in place, MINI leads the new car market for year-on-year improvements in clean engine manufacturing. CO 2 output per car has been reduced in the last year by an impressive 14 per cent. Putting that into perspective, the industry average was recorded at a lowly 0.3 per cent.*

To put the icing on the cake for customers, MINI Cooper D owners will continue to benefit from the car falling into VED tax band B. So savings are not only made in carbon emissions, but at the fuel pumps and the Post Office when replacing an annual road fund licence too. Little wonder then that MINI UK is again celebrating a month of record car sales!**

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