Car Costume: Audi 90 Quattro becomes Audi 90 IMSA GTO

Old Audis are cool, and old racing Audis are even cooler. A Swedish Audi fanatic seems to think so, too, and has gone to extreme lengths to transform a workaday Audi 90 into the IMSA GTO version of that car. Not wanting to go the stripe-and-bodykit route, this Audi's flares were painstakingly constructed from many pieces of metal, intricately tacked into place. Replica body pieces like splitters were created in composite after measurements of an original car were taken, and the authentically nutty looking rims are custom-modified VW pieces. The doors still open, despite 8 additional inches of width, and the amount of work that went into the body modifications is truly incredible. It looks like a scale model was built first, and once the form was perfected, it was "blown up" to the actual car - we don't know Svenska, and translators aren't terribly useful. Motivation is provided by an A8's 4.2 liter V8, which must make the replica pretty zippy, but probably not as fast as those IMSA cars were. Still, though, it's a hell of a thing to see lurking in your rearview, and the handiwork is truly impressive. We see the most insane stuff coming out of Sweden – must be something in the water aquavit. AudiMotorSport's got galleries of the build here.

[Source: via German Car Scene]

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