Spy Shots: BMW 1-Series Coupe

Young fans of the Bavarian Motor Werks have been pining for something more affordable than a 3-series, and the 1-series has been teasing from afar for too long. The folks over at 1Addicts assembled a bunch of picks of a thinly-disguised 1-Series coupe in testing, and we think the newest developments look quite encouraging. The 1-Series in these photos looks to be nearly ready for production, as the only heavy-duty camo resides on the bumpers. Large-rimmed tires fit into the wheel well quite snugly, and BMW's Mighty Mouse is sitting very low to the ground, leading us to believe that this could very well be the 135i, which would seriously scream with BMW's 300 HP, twin-turbo International Engine of the Year.

With a full slate of models, including a coupe, hatch, convertible, and high-powered sport model, the 1-series arrives in the US with the potential to make BMW the number one selling luxury maker in the world's most important market. We're looking forward to taking this little spark plug for a spin when it hits North America in 2008. Seriously, if we even dare imagine how much fun this Mini-sized RWD coupe is to drive, we'd lose sleep.

Thanks for the tip, Alfredo!

[Source: 1Addicts.com]

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