It's on! BMW 1-series coming to the U.S. in 135i guise

At what Winding Road described as a "corporate event this week," BMW officials have confirmed that the 1-series will be making its way to U.S. shores in 2008. The official announcement is expected later this year, which will finally put to rest the speculation we've been covering for far too long.

Just the fact that the 1-series is on its way is big enough news, but the real deal-sealer is that the two-door hatch will debut with the highly desirable, yet under clocked, twin-turbo 3-liter, inline-six. The 135i will be the first vehicle to be offered up to American enthusiasts, with the 130i coming at a later date.

Mr. Brennan over at Winding Road stressed that the 1-series will be offered in two-door versions (with an "s") in the future, including a convertible, a proper coupe and the aforementioned hatchback.

We've already made the case for a spiritual successor to the 2002 and it seems that the boys in Munich have the same idea, but a four-cylinder engine won't make its way under the bonnet until BMW, "does a proper turbocharged four-cylinder engine." Both a twin-turbo six and a blown four? It seems that BMW may finally be making products for the market it's been neglecting for over a decade.

As for price, expect the 1-series to fit snuggly between the MINI and the 3-series, with a $5k premium for the twin-turbo'd six.

[Source: Winding Road]

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