Break a leg: Man's prosthetic leg falls off and jams accelerator

You just wanted to grab something from the liquor store, the same way you've done who knows how many times before. What you probably did not want to do is get in your truck in front of the liquor store and put it in drive ... then have your prosthetic leg come off at the worst time possible ... and get jammed in the worst place possible: on the accelerator. If that happened, as it did to Martin Niels of Beloit, WI, your loose leg would do the worst thing possible: drive your Chevy Silverado into the side of the building. Thankfully, no one was injured, and Nehls was only cited for driving without a valid driver's license -- surely not the worst ticket possible.

[Source: WTOP News]

Note: Since there was no pic of the actual incident, we found a random car-through-wall pic to use, which surprisingly was not that hard to find.

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