One car dealer's take on the domestic auto industry's stance on fuel mileage

As consumers, most of us have formed an opinion of the domestic automakers as well as the foreign automakers and their stance on fuel economy. Some of us see a difference between the domestics and Japanese companies when it comes to their commitment to the environment through fuel economy, and some of us don't. Feel free to vent in the comments if you'd like to. In my opinion, the more people speak out and let the automakers know what they think and what they would like to buy, the better chance we have of actually making a difference. And, be sure to check out this article, which describes how one dealer, Adam Lee, president of Lee Automalls in Maine, attempted to vent while making a real impact of his own on the topic. He did so at the EPA's meeting that considered the State of California's desire to raise fuel economy requirements for new cars. Of course, he also notes that he might have no impact at all, "I'm just a car dealer from Maine and I doubt anyone will listen to me."

I would like to see his statements have some impact, how about you? After all, Lee's business is dependent on the business of the auto industry. And, you should know that Lee has dealerships which sell both foreign and domestic cars, so he should both know what he is talking about, and should seemingly have no motive to bash one but praise another.

Here is the website for Lee Automalls. Do you want to back him up in sending "a not-so-gentle nudge in the right direction", as he put it?

[Source: Detroit News]

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