Italjet scooters are coming back to America

Perhaps I am showing too much of my inner scooter-geek-dom with this post, but I am really excited that Italjet scooters are coming back to the American market. One reason is that these scooters are really just super-cool looking. That means that America's style-conscious buyers might be more inclined to consider them as a viable means of transportation. I mean, there is a good reason that Vespa scooters have become an icon, and it's because they are fashionable. Just like a Prius is an eco-cool vehicle to be seen in, A Vespa can make the same impression. Considering the gas savings, congestion savings and other possible environmental benefits, scooters are a very good option for those who are not traveling too far and who don't often need to carry passengers.

Let me also say that I agree with some of our past comments, whose authors have pointed out that riding a two-wheeler in a sea of four-wheelers (cagers for you cyclists) can be dangerous. I ride a bike, and practice what I preach. Make sure you are protected and consider a safety course. DiCaprio might not make the best role model for you in this regard. But, he is saving gas!

[Source: The Scooter Scoop]

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