Chrysler to introduce dual clutch transimissions

Earlier this week, after the groundbreaking for Chrysler's new axle plant near Marysville, Michigan, company spokesman David Elshoff spoke to the Worldwide Automotive Report. The new axles to be built at the plant are designed to help improve the fuel efficiency of both the Chrysler and Mercedes cars and trucks they go into.

On Wednesday, Chrysler will also be breaking ground for an engine plant in Trenton, MI to build new, more-efficient V-6 engines. One interesting thing that Elshoff mentioned at the end of the interview was the forthcoming dual clutch transmission that Chrysler will be using. That's the first mention I've heard about the dual clutch units (like the VW DSG gearbox) in a Chrysler vehicle. No other details were mentioned but the new axles and engines are due in 2010 so presumably the new gearboxes will come at the same time.

[Source: World Wide Automotive Report]

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