Those of us who love the car and the drive tend to overlook infrastructure items like roads, parking spaces, and places to refuel. We assume they will be there. Well, some developers in Chicago have the wisdom to build a "Green Mall," ideal for Greenies like ABG readers.

How does this sound?
  • Preferred parking for smaller and hybrid cars. (SUVs to the rear, please!)
  • Electric rechargers for those of us in our Teslas and other EVs
  • Bicycles racks for our human and electric-assisted 2 wheelers
  • A green roof to grow the salads we eat when we take a break from shopping
  • Stores with products for our higher efficiency vehicles – meaning more auto parts for the electric side of our vehicles.
  • Unmentioned but also needed, a refueling station with E85, biodiesel and natural gas.
Such features will tend to accelerate the end date of the most inefficient vehicles. It will be so uncool to have to walk past hundreds of cool cars/bikes/EVs/PHEVs when you drive your daddy's Hummer H2 or H3 to the mall.

My only concern: this mall is in Chicago, the so called " Windy City ." Our green vehicles better be up to the challenges: good cold weather starting, good handling in wind conditions, all wheel drive.

[Source: Newsweek]

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