Energy efficiency study finds Segways are 5-20 times more energy efficient than cars

I don't own a Segway, but I have used them on several occasions. In the grand scheme of transportation devices, Segway fits between an electric bicycle and an electric scooter. Segway's claim to fame is its unique balancing system and space saving dimensions. The EPA reports that most people use their automobiles for local trips of 5 miles or less – that famous "trip to the store to buy a quart of milk" that a bicycle, a Segway, or a scooter could perform.

Segway reported last month that using a Segway is - and this should come as no surprise - more energy efficient and greener than using hybrids, conventional cars, or SUVs for these trips: 5.5 to 20 times greener (fewer greenhouse gases). Bicycles and scooters were not however included in the comparison.

Thus the dilemma continues. Bikes, scooters, and even Segways suffer from the same limitations: Lack of all weather capability, lack of carrying capacity, and relative lack of safety protection. Yet, all are clearly greener and more efficient. All over the country, the cell-phone using, SUV driving public is making pedestrian and bike rider safety a worrisome issue. As Kermit the Frog says, "It ain't easy being Green."


[Source: Segway]

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