A look at the Segway Centaur - double the wheels, double the fun?

Few would argue against the fact that any product carrying the Segway logo is unique, but their new Centaur concept is even more so, as, unlike past Segway's, it has four wheels arranged similar to an ATV. But, like other Segway's, it is capable of balancing on only two of them, in this case, the rearward pair. When the front wheels are on the ground, the rider steers as he would a bicycle or an ATV, conversely, when the two front wheels are raised in the air, the rear wheels act in the traditional Segway manner, kind of like how a tank steers; by rotating either wheel at different speeds. If this seems difficult to understand, watch the video on this page.

The vehicle is just a concept at this time, and is capable of hitting 25 mph and is equipped with lithium ion batteries allowing up to a 15 mile trip on a single charge. Click here for more Segway coverage from ABG.

[Source: Segway via Motorcycle USA]

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