A subscriber scorn: OnStar goes black, customer sues

As of January 1, 2008, anyone who doesn't have a digital-capable OnStar system in their GM vehicle is going to be out of luck. One customer who bought an OnStar-equipped Cadillac Eldorado in 2002 is so upset about it that he's filed a class-action suit against GM and OnStar for $5 million.

The cell phone companies that provide OnStar service will finish the switch from analog to digital service on the first day of next year. When Robert Weaver, the named plaintiff in the suit, bought his Eldorado, says GM and OnStar knew the analog service in his car would only work for six more years, and that there would be no way to upgrade to digital, but didn't tell him. And for that willful omission, they owe subscribers a whole lot of money.

OnStar says it's frustrating, but there's nothing they can do. GM and OnStar have been contacting subscribers to let them know, but have made no attempt to reimburse subscribers for the option or the subscription fees. Instead, GM is offering a year of free OnStar service if customers buy or lease another GM product. And even if you do have a digital-capable system, GM is going to charge you $15 to upgrade it.

[Source: Auto News, sub req'd]

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