Jag considering axing the X

The X-Type is Jaguar's best selling vehicle, but it is probably the least loved Jag of the bunch. As the people in charge try to figure out the way forward for Ford's ailing premium brand, getting rid of the X-Type could be part of the remedy.

Mulally has told the public as well as Jaguar workers that the leaping cat will not be sold. He also said that he envisions Jaguar as Ford's low-volume high-profit marque. Frankly, the X-Type doesn't fit anywhere into such an equation. While the X-Type has broadened Jaguar's customer base, it diluted the brand, wasn't as reliable as it should have been, and didn't meet its sales targets. That's three strikes, so it might be out. According to David Blackhall, Managing Director Jaguar Australia, "The plan in relation to the X-Type is not resolved. There are a number of studies underway in the UK, and a number of alternatives are being considered – including doing nothing at all." He goes on to add that he's fine with no new X-Type... as long as there's an XF (a production version of the C-XF) to replace it.

And gunning for the quote of the month, Blackhall says of the XF, "It has to be a success. [It] has to be a home run. This is Jaguar's money-shot for the next five years." Doling out some specifics on the car, Blackhall says the NY Auto Show car will be very close to the production version, with only minor changes needed to make it practical. We have one thing to say to the X-Type then: Goodbye. Jaguar, bring on the XF already.

[Source: Drive]

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