GM intros incentives for full-size trucks

This is possibly the least shocking news of the day when you consider that the housing market, which fuels the full-size pickup segment, is in a slump and gas prices are rising once again. Nevertheless, General Motors must respond to market pressures, and in the wake of Silverado sales that fell 7% last month (that's the all-new, winner of the Motor Trend Truck of the Year, critically acclaimed Chevy Silverado), has decided to offer some new incentives to spur sales of Chevy's new truck and its mate, the GMC Sierra. From now through July 9th, customers can get zero-percent financing for 36 months or reduced-rate financing for 60 months on either model. If you're paying cash on the spot, GM can instead offer you $1,250 cash back on the Silverado or $1,500 on the Sierra.

Don't feel bad GM, Toyota has seemingly been offering incentives in one form or another on its new Tundra since the day it was born, and sales of the Ford F-150 fell 12% last month according to Automotive News. See? It's not just you.

[Source: Automotive News, sub. req'd]

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