Practical example of the gas savings of scootering instead of driving

I have heard before that guys who ride Vespas just can't get a date. I think that's a load of crap, to be honest... chicks dig Vespa's. They have that certain Italian style, and if you can pull that off, then you probably don't have any problem finding a girl. I would ride a Vespa despite not having that certain "it" that would make it OK. I already snagged a girl somehow anyway, so I'm all set for life. Good thing too, I don't think I could handle another one!

Anyway, if you can pull it off (or not) and you would like to save some gas, here is an example of what you can expect. Is it worth it? I would say absolutely, but that really depends on your outlook. Are you interested in the dollar savings only, or are you also interested in how you are helping the environment with your cleaner emissions? Remember, modern Vespa's are squeaky clean and meet all the current emissions requirements with their modern Piaggio designed four-stroke engines. And, if you ask me, riding on two wheels is totally cooler than driving on four!

[Source: Live Green Blog via Hugg]

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