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VIDEO: Milwaukee recruits learn how to chase -- but not catch -- Tony Kanaan

Milwaukee police recruits have to learn how to pursue a speeding vehicle before they're allowed to keep the streets safe. On this particular training day, on the infield at the Milwaukee Mile, IRL driver Tony Kanaan would be the rabbit they had to chase. Tony had a standard issue Honda Civic Si. The boys and girls in blue had standard issue Fords. We would never recommend engaging in a high-speed chase with police. But it is fun to watch Tony throw the Honda around the cones and corners at un-Civic-like speeds. There are two versions of this video, here and here. The first one is filmed from the Honda, and it looks for all the world like the police can't catch Speedy T. The second one is filmed from the lead police vehicle and the officer talks like he's keeping Tony right where he wants him (to the detriment of a cone or two). Asking whether Tony Kanaan in a Honda could outrun police in Ford Crown Vics is like asking a Superfan if Mike Ditka could win the Indy 500 in da Bears team bus. Follow the links, watch the vids, and as John Facenda used to say in NFL films: you make the call.

Thanks for the tip, Aki!

[Source: WISN]

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