Video: Ride along in a ZAP Xebra electric truck

During the recent AFVI Show in Anaheim, Matt Kelly of Next Gear got to go on a ride along Alex Campbell of Zap in one of their Xebra Xero trucks. The Xebra Xero is Zap's little electric truck with the optional solar charging panel, which is a $2,000 option that with a day of sitting in the sun will get you about two miles of range.
One of the things that Alex was promoting as unique and an advantage over other neighborhood electric vehicles is that as a three wheeled vehicle, the Xebra is classified as a motorcycle rather than a car. That means it's not subject to the 25mph speed restriction of NEVs and can get up to 40mph.

The other aspect of this motorcycle classification was that unlike NEVs which do undergo some crash testing, the Xebra doesn't have to be crash tested. This along with being made in China allows Zap to offer the Xebra at a base price of $10,000. Even at 40mph I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to make contact with any other objects in this thing. You can check out Matt's video after the jump.

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[Source: The Next Gear]

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