Crossing the United States on mopeds

There is a rather large contingent of Americans who still view the moped as a viable means of getting around. Back in the '70s, mopeds were a common sight on our roads, at least ones that didn't have a high speed-limit. But, these days, the humble moped has fallen out of style, being replaced with electric bicycles, scooters and even cheap or hand-me-down cars.

For Nick Girard, Tom Sands, and Kevin Corkrum, from Champlain College, there is no better way to see the sights then cruising at a gingerly 30 miles per hour. I can see the merit to taking your time while you have the chance to, and take a moment to consider the cost savings in gasoline by using the small, under 50cc engines. Getting over 100 miles per gallon on a moped is completely commonplace, even when traveling at the maximum velocity possible. The students will be retracing the path of Horatio Nelson Jackson's first-ever cross-country trip in an automobile more than 100 years ago. If you want to follow their trip, take a gander at the site

[Source: Motorcycle USA]

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