HybridCars says we need hybrid technology in pickup trucks, now

Hybrid technology is popular in passenger cars (and coming online in more and more models), delivery vehicles, and is slowly being introduced to SUVs and minivans (at least in Japan). But, if hybrid technology is going to become a serious option to reduce CO2 emissions, then the pickup market is where the growth needs to happen (the light hybrid Silverado and Sierra, now dead, don't count. Full hybrids of these will be coming next year), because so many trucks are sold in the US, says HybridCars.
I agree that hybrid technology makes a lot of sense in pickups, not only for the power generator feature, but also because a full hybrid would complement a diesel engine in supplying lots of power when it's needed and saving fuel when it isn't. With the un-girly-man Arnold talking green in California, maybe large hybrid truck sales will be the nail in the coffin of the stereotype of the weak environmentalist.

[Source: HybridCars]

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