HybridCenter calls for the Toyota Estima to be brought stateside - sign the petition

Wish you could have a minivan and a hybrid, too? The combination has been available in the Toyota Estima in Japan for six years, and the Union of Concerned Scientists and HybridCenter.org think it's high time this vehicle is available stateside. As part of an Earth Day push, the two organizations have set up an online petition calling on Toyota to make the Estima hybrid available for sale here.

It's called the "Earth Day Challenge," and it's available here. If you don't get around to adding your name by Sunday, no worries. The campaign continues until May 28th. If you truly believe the Estima would be a nice addition to US highways, then get your friends to sign, too. The Better World Club and HybridCenter.org will offer prizes to some of the people who get five friends to add their name to the list.

[Source: Scott Nathanson / Union of Concerned Scientists and HybridCenter.org]

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