DOE has $200 million for biorefinery funding

The U.S. Department of Energy announced this week it is accepting applications for part of the department's $200 million designated for biorefineries. The $200 million will be handed out between fiscal years 2007 and 2011 "to support the development of small-scale cellulosic biorefineries in the United States," the DOE said. More precisely: "This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) seeks projects to develop biorefineries at ten percent of commercial scale that produce liquid transportation fuels such as ethanol, as well as bio-based chemicals and bioproducts used in industrial applications" and, "These projects are expected to be operational within three to four years and will speed the adoption of new technologies to produce ethanol and other biofuels from cellulosic feedstocks. Commercial-scale demonstrations would follow thereafter."

This $200 million is on top of an already-announced $385 million (over four years) to help the development of six full-scale biorefineries. Applications for this FOA are due August 14, 2007. For more information, visit the DOE.

[Source: DOE]

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