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Buy Yellow, GO GO Green for SAAB?

The Saab BioPower 100 is the first production-based turbo engine optimized for pure eco-friendly bioethanol (E100) fuel operation. SAAB is already selling E85 vehicles in Europe but sells none in the US. This concept car goes a step further. It has taken its 2.0 liter turbocharged engine rated at 150 HP and reworked so it produces 300 HP on E100. Imagine, spend $3 a gallon for gasoline and you get 150 HP. Move over to the ethanol (E100) pump and you add another 150 HP (slightly less with E85).

It seems to me that the SAAB sales "demographic" (college profs, skiers, teachers, librarians, et al.) are mostly concentrated on the coasts, mainly the northern coasts. But the majority of the 1100+ E85 stations are in the Midwest. Is it just me, or does one see a potential to link introduction of SAAB BioPower vehicles in the Northeast with a cooperative agreement for about 20 E85 stations between Philadelphia and Boston? I mean 300 BHP out of a 2-liter engine in a SAAB might create some BioFun to go with the BioPower.

[Source: GM]

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