Mazda2 coming to America as Ford Fiesta in 2009

I think we need to credit our own Sam Abuelsamid for predicting this one a month ago. He spotted a Ford Fiesta in Detroit in early March, and thought at the time that the Fiesta might make a good candidate for the then-just-confirmed news that the Mazda2 would be coming to the U.S. (others guessed differently). Last week, Sam's prediction was confirmed, according to Motor Trend. Built using Ford's new consolidated global small car platform team, the vehicle architecture of the next-gen US Ford Fiesta will indeed be the same as on the Mazda2 , and it's headed to the states in 2009, Motor Trend says.

The look of the new Fiesta will not change much from the Euro-version, so if you're an American and you like what you see above, you're in luck (we have a few dozen more images in the high-res gallery). The question now is, of course, how this small car will sell against similar offerings from other automakers (See: Yaris, Fit, etc.). There's certainly demand for these B-segment cars, but how big is that demand? Predictions wanted.

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[Source: Motor Trend]

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