Remember not too long ago when we told you about how the National Federation of the Blind said that all vehicles, powered by gasoline, diesel, electric or a hybrid, should make sound so that blind people know they are coming? What about bikes? Actually, this is supposed to be a protection for the bicycle rider, not to let the blind know where they are. But, the idea is the same, instead of making an electric car sound like one powered by petroleum, this makes a bicycle rider sound like he's on a Harley, and the engine even speeds up as the rider pedals faster. Or, how about sounding like the footfalls of a horse? I can see some interesting stares coming from pedestrians when using something like this, but does that mean it's without merit? Probably not, and I suppose that it is better than riding around with a reflective safety vest... or perhaps you should have both? If you want one, wait until it's out of beta, and then contact Sound of Motion.

[Source: Sound of Motion and Youtube via Engadget]

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