An update on the Duesenberg Torpedo Coupe - with a 70 mpg 300 HP V-12?

Not much has been heard about the rebirth of Duesenberg since Autoblog first brought you news of the hopeful launch of the Torpedo® Coupe in 2005, which was initially planned for an early 2007 launch. But, I ran across their website last night and saw that they claim to be using an engine developed by EP Industries for the vehicle with some unheard of specifications, many of which seem impossible.

To quote their site, "The Torpedo® Coupe will be driven by a revolutionary new power plant, the CEM engine now in final development by E.P. Industries (, an air-cooled and self lubricating, forced-air inducted (supercharged), 12 cylinder, double ended, ported, multi-fueled, four-stroke engine with a calculated 70 MPG and 300 horsepower from an economical 100 pound package measuring 18 inches in diameter and 24 inches in length, which will provide an unparalleled power-to-weight ratio."

That is pretty high mileage for what I imagine would be a very large car powered by a supercharged V12 engine putting out 300 horsepower. Here is a link to the EP Industries site. A little Wiki'ing turned up some more information about the powerplant, click here for that. If this turns out to be real, it will be a real "doozy" of a powerplant! Just couldn't help myself... But, in all seriousness, I didn't find much about how the engine really works, but it is clear from the pictures that the 12 pistons are very small, which makes it a bit more believable it could hit 70 miles per gallon, but what about the 300 horsepower claim? If their plan to show the vehicle in August of this year at Pebble Beach pans out, we may see more.

[Source: Duesenberg Custom Coach]

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