Biodiesel-powered Earthrace blows engine but still has sights set on world record

This time it's a wounded engine that has sidelined the round-the-world record attempt of the Earthrace boat. The starboard engine started failing in the Marshall Islands when a fuel injector broke and damaged the No. 1 cylinder of the Cummins engine. An engineering team is flying out of Hawaii with repair parts, but the boat is in an isolated location in the Caroline Islands.

Earthrace started in Barbados on March 10 but lost about 20 days to early repairs and when it was held near Guatemala following a collision at sea where a local fisherman was killed. Earthrace probably can't set the world marine circumnavigation record of 75 days with a Caribbean to Caribbean route. But if the team doesn't have any more problems and goes past its original starting point on to San Diego, then it has a chance with a California to California route.

[Source: Stuff]

Earthrace boat cleared to retry record run

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