Pablo Pster calculates the efficiency gains of roundabouts vs. stop signs

Roundabouts... I can honestly say that I've never found myself in one. Living here in Ohio, the traffic congestion is really not all that bad, for the most part. I hear that some cities near Detroit may be getting some roundabouts, though, so perhaps I will drive in one soon enough. Anyway, some people have problems in roundabouts, they get stuck and are not sure how or when to get out of them properly. Most Americans are more familiar with the good old stop sign or traffic light, so that is what we have the most of. Unfortunately, the roundabout is much more efficient at getting traffic flowing, and according to this posting, much more environmentally friendly to boot. This, of course, assumes that drivers can figure them out and don't drive in endless loops, burning off their tank of gas in the process. Hey look kids, there's Big Ben, and there's Parliament.

[Source: Triple Pundit]

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