Girard-Perregaux remembers Monte Carlo 1970

Who needs Ferrari? That's the rhetorical question asked by Girard-Perregaux, the noted Swiss watchmaker. For years GP made watches under license from Maranello, but since Ferrari moved their timepiece contract over to Panerai, Girard-Perregaux hasn't missed a beat.

Unveiled together with several other timepieces at the recently concluded watch and jewelry show in Basel, Switzerland, the Girard-Perregaux Monte Carlo Fly-back chronograph pays homage to one of the most famous runnings of the most famous rallies in motor racing history. In 1970, Björn Waldegaard drove and Lars Helmer navigated their #6 Porsche 911 S through a notoriously tricky course spotted with icy patches but no snow to claim victory at the legendary stage of the Monte Carlo Rally.

Their names are engraved on the case back along with a reproduction of the car's registration plate. The words "Monte-Carlo 1970" appear in bold red letters on the black face that displays the unique chronograph and tachymeter movement, a fly-back complication that doesn't lose a second in re-setting the mechanism on the fly. It's all held in a steel case fastened with a black alligator strap and limited to an edition of 250.

[Source: TimeZone via Luxist]

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