Bauer's Limo service offers green corporate transport nationwide

Gary Bauer started his San Francisco based limousine service in the late eighties while he was still in college. Since then the company has grown nationwide offering limo services and corporate transportation services. The latter involves providing shuttle services to companies so that employees don't have to drive to work. Since 2005 they have been providing services to Google with thirty electric and CNG-fueled shuttles giving rides to over 2,500 of their employees daily to their Silicon Valley offices. Since 2005 they have been providing services with thirty electric and CNG-fueled shuttles giving rides to over 2,500 employees daily throughout Silicon Valley.

Since 1999 they've also been offering chauffeured limo services with hybrid vehicles like the Lexus RX400h in the San Francisco area. Bauer's also operates a fleet of electric powered shuttle buses from San Francisco International Airport to the surrounding cities. Starting this Sunday, Earth Day, Bauer's is expanding their green corporate transport services nationwide so that companies can offer their employees rides to work using environmentally friendly vehicles.

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Bay Area Company Will Take Local Service National After Success at Google

SAN FRANCISCO (April 18, 2007) – After achieving success with its first corporate green fleet for Google Inc., Bauer's Worldwide Intelligent Transportation is offering a clean-air service for businesses nationwide, utilizing vehicles powered by bio-diesel, electric, propane and hybrid powertrains to help companies fill their transportation needs in an Earth-friendly way.

"The idea of helping improve the environment is something many people talk about but not many actually do," says Gary Bauer, president of Bauer's Worldwide Intelligent Transportation. "With our company, you can save the Earth one mile at a time, without sacrificing service, luxury or convenience."

As opposed to companies that offer one or two hybrid cars for green transportation, Bauer's Corporate Green Solution offers businesses the ability to transport hundreds of employees to and from work in an environmentally sound manner while chauffeuring executives in low-emission, private vehicles similar to conventional limousine services.

The service began with Google in 2005 and has been among the most treasured benefits with employees in surveys. The popular Internet company moves now moves more than 2,500 people a day via clean air shuttles to its headquarters in Silicon Valley. Bauer's now moves more than 2,500 people a day via clean air shuttles throughout Silicon Valley.

"We were one of the first to put green vehicles in our fleet back in 1998, when we starting running clean air shuttles to San Francisco International Airport, so we're not new to the green effort in the limousine business," Bauer said. "And now, we are proud to lead the industry once again with this latest Earth-friendly offering."

About Worldwide Intelligent Transportation

Bauer's Worldwide Intelligent Transportation, founded in 1989 and headquartered in San Francisco, offers luxurious and reliable transportation to business professionals, athletes, celebrities, travelers and revelers around the world. The company stands as a leader in green limousine services with 85 percent of all the fleet miles traveled are done with alternate fuel or hybrid vehicles. For more information, visit

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