Listening to the A5's heartbeat and horn

Audi has done a great job of staying in the news lately, and the one product that's gotten the most face time is the brand-new A5. From the minute pictures of Audi's newest coupe were released to the media dogs, the A5 has been everywhere. We've posted several times on the A5 and S5, and about possible convertible and RS models. You've all seen the pics, but most of us hasn't heard the roar of the engine, or the sound of the... turn signal?

The good folks over at the German Car Blog have five different audio clips of the A5 in action, with audio of the engine starting, taking off, honking the horn, the warning chime, and even the turn signal. If you're looking forward to seeing the A5 on the roads, take a listen. It just may be enough to hold you over until the A5's release.

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